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United Kingdom

Why choose United Kingdom?

  • UK education is recognized by employers, universities and government worldwide.
  • The UK is full of different cultures, historical landmarks and amazing events to keep you entertained.
  • You’ll get plenty of support at university- both with setting into your course and with costs.
  • As a global language, English can help you widen both your career opportunities and your circle of friends.
  • If you are studying at degree level or above, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week during term time, with no limits during vacation periods.

Each course in the UK sets it own entry, so they vary considerably. Most degree programs in the UK will require that the student have passed either A-levels and attained certain grades, for example 4 B grades, or equivalent grades in a BTEC or GNVQ. So within a university different courses will have different requirements and universities as a whole may have certain requirements that all students will have to meet. For example, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge generally require all students to attend an interview, other universities will not require this.

TOEFL results are accepted as proof of English language proficiency in UK. Each section is scored out of 30 to give an overall score out of 120. A paper-based test is offered at some centers where the standard internet-based test cannot be provided. This lasts about four hours, with four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension and the Test of Written English. You will receive a total score out of 677, and a separate score on a scale on 1-6 for the written section.

IELTS results are also accepted as proof of English language proficiency in UK. Each of the four sections is marked on scale from one to nine, with band one indicating a non-user and nine an expert user. Candidates also receive an averaged overall score on the same scale. Institutions are responsible for setting their own target scores. There is no limit on the number of times the test can be retaken. Before taking an English proficiency exam, be sure to check which tests are accepted by the institution you are applying to.


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