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Interview Preperation

Why is Interview Preparation required?

An Interview is the procedure designed to obtain information from a person’s oral response to oral inquiries. Interview of the applicants is the important criterion in USA and Europe whereas interview is taken in Australia, Canada and other countries in special cases as per the requirement of the college and on demand of students as well. Students Pride provides platform to the students to acquire knowledge on how to face interview and stand out shining from the crowd.   Interview is generally taken for abroad studies in order to obtain information about the student. Interviewer generally asks the questions about the interviewee basic information like; family background, education, why the scholar wants to go abroad instead of staying in one’s own country,  purpose of selecting specific subject in specific college or University, Life goals, why the scholar had chosen particular subject or degree, etc

  • Be bold and confident
  • Don’t over exaggerate your statements
  • Respond as per the requirement of questions asked
  • Avoid Nervousness
  • Focus on the Interviewee
  • Be the real you infront of the interviewee