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Why choose Australia??

Australia is the perfect destination if you are thinking of studying and living abroad. Australia is the country that lies in the Southern Hemisphere. The country has temperate weather most of the year but the climate varies so living here is the dream of many people worldwide. Moreover, Australia is the country of immense opportunities. If you think of building your career here after your studies, then Australia is the perfect place to invest your money, time and dedication. In case of living accommodations, the cost varies as per the place you are living in Australia. Living in Rural areas cost less than the Cities. In general minimum cost for living in Australia includes 1600 AUD per month. These expenses can be covered up easily since International students can work for 20 hours per week and can work for full hours during session breaks. Likewise, some job based technical courses allows students to do either paid or unpaid internships. Some of the part time jobs that students can do in Australia are

  • Retail- supermarkets, department and clothing stores.
  • Hospitality- cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Tourism- hotels and motels.
  • Agricultural- farming and fruit-picking.
  • Sales and telemarketing.
  • Administration or Clerical roles.
  • Tutoring
Australia is the most demanded country for Nepalese scholars at the present context. Australian colleges and Universities offers various courses and Australian degree is acceptable worldwide. Nepalese Students usually apply for Certificate level courses, Diploma, Under Graduation and Post Graduation in Australia.

Offer letter

  • Academic documents till date
  • IELTS/ TOEFL Score
  • Passport
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • University/ College Application form
  • Skype/ Phone interview may be conducted by university for offer letter (Offer letter processing time 1 to 6 week)
  • All academic documents (Transcript, Provisional, Character)
  • 2 recent passport-size color photos with white background.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL Score
  • Financial documents @ Educational Loan from Nabil or SBI bank limited of Nepal to cover 1 year fee & 1 year living cost (18610 AUD) with 2000 Traveling cost for Streamlined Students. or @ Minimum 3 months old bank balance certificate & statement with evidence of income
  • Income sources with supporting documents
  • Valuation of Property with supporting documents
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • CA Report
  • Relationship certificate with sponsors and family members
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Report
  • Citizenship Certificate (translated in English)
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from University/College
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

(If you are applying with a spouse, evidence of the ‘genuine and continuing’ nature of your relationship with your spouse. For example;

  • Marriage certificate
  • Evidence of cohabitation
  • Evidence of joint financial assets or liabilities (if applicable) such as joint ownership of property or joint bank accounts – Evidence of the social nature of the relationship such as photos together in various places, statements from friends/family members, loan to cover dependent’s living, traveling cost which is AUD 6515 per year with 2000 AUD Traveling cost.)
  • 157A Visa Application form
  • Visa Application charge (Demand Draft)